Here’s a way to do coffee,
but better…

Huskup – reusable cups made from rice husk, not plastic.

Grabbing your double-shot Americano in time for the train.
Catching up with friends over a Flat White in the park.
Coffee can make your world a better place.

But here’s the coffee-culture catch; less than 1% of takeaway cups are recycled.
Crazy, isn’t it? We plough through 2.5 billion of them every year in the UK alone.

A serious use of resources for a cup lined with plastic – used for minutes, but destined for landfill, incineration, streets or sea. We felt there had to be a way to stop this madness. To still do coffee, but better.

introducing the huskup. Our reusable cup made from natural rice husks not plastic.

A small change can make a big positive effect – save energy, materials, money and reduce waste by choosing non-plastic reusables made from the all-natural by-product of rice milling.

bisphenol A free



food grade

not plastic

no melamine

GMO free rice husk

from -30c to 120c

dishwasher safe

microwave safe

We have teamed up with like-minded independent artists to create original & environmentally friendly great looking products.

The Huskup Artist Series is special edition art, designed to help us all embrace and support the reusable natural huskup ethos.

Just like coffee, you need the best ingredients

Huskup is made from natural rice husk, not plastic

We love the fact that this waste doesn’t go to waste. Better still, at the end of its life it simply goes into the compost. From earth to earth.
We also love using the rice husk for our Huskup cups because (unlike others), there’s no melamine, BPA or toxins. No nasties leaching into your drink so it’s safe to reheat your coffee in the microwave and load in the dishwasher too. If your tea, coffee or chocolate is too hot to handle we include a reusable, recyclable silicone sleeve for comfort.

Enter the humble rice husk

Our functional, beautiful and reusable Huskup coffee cups are made from natural rice husk.

What’s rice husk? It’s the outer hull of the rice grain, a natural and robust material that could otherwise be burnt at the mill.
Plastic free. Toxin free. Tree free. Our cups look good. Treat well and they’ll last for years. And at the end of their life, they simply biodegrade. From earth to earth, as they say.

To us, it’s a no brainer. If you want to make a small step; the coffee cup is a great place to start.
Let’s face it, disposable culture has had its day.
First we got used to bringing a bag to the shop. Now, we want to see everyone bring their own cup. With many independents & chains giving a discount if you do, Huskup can quickly pay for itself.
If you agree with this, we invite you to spread the word; how you drink your daily coffee is a small, simple way to make a big difference.

“With coffee shops both big and small giving money off for bringing your own cup, it can pay to do your bit!”