Things To Do In Bath 2021

Things To Do in Bath 2021

Summertime is right around the corner, we’re beginning to crawl ourselves out of lockdown, and we are getting excited about summer! 

While huskups are used and loved all around the world, our base is here in Bath, UK. To celebrate the beginning of the end of ‘lockdown number 3’, we wanted to share some of our favourite things to do in Bath – things that you can do this spring and summer of 2021. 

Stroll To The Botanical Gardens

Keeping outside is still the safest thing we can be doing, and there is no better way to enjoy the outdoors than sitting in the botanical gardens. 

You can find these beautiful gardens in Royal Victoria Park. They were first formed in 1887. That’s 134 years ago! 

Inside the gardens, you can find a selection of trees in all shapes and sizes. Shrubs and flowers have filled the space as well. There is even a rock garden and pool! 

We won’t spill all of the secrets here, so when you make your way over you can still be delightfully surprised by the many sights and smells. 

When you visit the gardens, remember to bring your reusable cups, cutlery and a tote bag. That way you can keep single-use plastics off of the to-do list. 

Pulteney Bridge

Pulteney Bridge is even older than the gardens above – coming in at 247 years old! 

From the space below, looking up at the bridge, it truly is a beautiful statement piece. But, when you make your way onto the bridge itself, you may forget that it even is one! 

This is because both sides of the bridge boast shops. You can not see the river from up here unless you make your way into one of the venues. 

The bridge was created in the Georgian style, a very classical look that is complete with pilasters and tiny leaded domes at both ends.

What we love about the bridge is that you can experience it in so many different ways. You’ll just have to go and see it for yourself to find out what you think! 

Grab A Coffee

All of this site seeing may leave you in the mood for some fuel. 

Luckily for you, Bath is covered in incredible shops that we LOVE. Just don’t forget to bring your reusable, eco-friendly cups with you. 

You may even find yourself getting a discount at a few of these locations. 

A few of our favourites include MokokoThe Cornish Bakery and the Society Café.

No matter what edge of the city you find yourself in, you are sure to get a good cup of coffee somewhere close by. 

Take A Bite Out Of The City

Bath is booming with amazing bites to eat. While you may not be able to sit down at a restaurant right away, you can still grab a coffee and meal and take it away to one of the beautiful locations around our stunning city. 

Picnic CoffeHarvest WholefoodsDexters and Taylors Bagels are the top options on our list. 

Bath has an abundant selection of small and local choices and we highly recommend that you go and check them out.

  1. Discover More Georgian Architecture 

We may not be spending too much time inside; pubs will have their size limits and restaurants will need bookings in advance. But, that doesn’t mean there is less to do! 

Bath has plenty to offer. One of our favourite things to do is to simply admire the beauty of the Georgian architecture all around us. 

And, Bath Royal Crescent is a great place to go to to do just that. 

These 30 houses were designed by John Wood the Younger and built between 1767 and 1774. 

If you make your way out for a sunset, you can bask in the glow of the sun and the limestone around you. 

Wander The Markets

The Guildhall Market lives right on Bath high street, and we can expect stalls to be opening soon. While facemasks will most likely be required, ensure you bring your reusable one with you wherever you go. 

Check out what there is to offer and soak up all of the colours and fun! 

Wander Down The Canal

There is nothing quite like strolling the streets of a new city or your favourite town. But, wandering down the canals is a completely different scene. 

You can easily feel removed from the city and almost instantly transported into a whole nother world. 

Admire the boats all around, and the smiling faces too! If you’re lucky you may also run across some friendly ducks and swans. 

Pick Up Plastic Free Fruit & Veg 

Monday through Saturday you can pop over to Kingsmead Square. Here you will find a gorgeous outdoor stand bustling with brightly coloured fruit and veg. 

You can quickly pull grab some of your favourite snacks to accompany you on your stroll around town or pick out something a bit heftier to BBQ in a nearby park – like aubergine, mushrooms and onions. 

Remember to bring your reusable shopping bag to reduce the need for any single-use plastic and to always dispose of your rubbish responsibly. 

Outdoor things To Do In Bath: 

While we will all be spending more time outdoors this spring and summer, there is still so much to do and a whole lot of fun to be had. 

We recommend bringing your essentials with you wherever you go a reusable coffee cupcutlery and your favourite backpack or reusable tote bag. 


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