World Ocean Day 2021: How We’re Helping To Keep Our Seas Plastic-Free

The Barnacles Huskup 12oz

As you probably know by now, here at Huskup, we are passionate about cutting down on single-use plastics. We’ve seen the damage it is doing to every environment on planet earth and how it’s getting into our food chain. That’s why we’re celebrating World Ocean Day on 8th June 2021 and joining the global fight to end single-use plastics! 

What’s World Ocean Day 2021?

Plastic Pollution From The Beach

World Ocean Day is a worldwide initiative to protect our beautiful blue planet. The World Ocean Day organisers hope to protect at least 30% of the planet’s ocean habitat by 2030. 

They believe that this is an essential part of the climate crisis solution, and we can’t help but agree. Working in more than 140 countries around the world they provide free promotional resources to help with campaigning. 

With big decisions about the future of the planet, and our oceans being made by world leaders this year, it is more important than ever that we make our voices heard. Whether you attend an organised event or create one of your own, it’s a great day to bring global focus to our biggest and least understood ecosystem. You can find out more about how you or your organisation can be a part of World Ocean Day here.

What Are We Doing To Help Our Seas?

World Ocean Day is a great day to focus our efforts and make world leaders listen. At Huskup we’re working to keep our oceans clean all year round. 

With all of our products being made from rice husk, we’re eliminating single-use plastics one cup or cutlery set at a time.

We’re really proud to have teamed up with an amazing organisation called Common Seas. They are a social enterprise working to halt the plastic pollution crisis. Their mission is to considerably reduce the number of plastics we produce globally and stop them from getting into our waterways as quickly as possible.

We support the Common Seas initiative, Clean Blue Paros

This project was launched in 2019 to support the Greek Island of Paros to become the first single-use plastic waste-free island in the Mediterranean. The local teamwork with the government, and business and community groups to change both policy and cultural values. The hope is that the Clean Blue Paros project can serve as a pilot with other Mediterranean Islands coming on board in the following years.

How Are Common Seas Helping Paros?

Clean Blue Paros Huskup

Through Common Seas’ work with waste engineers, marine and social scientists they’ve developed ways to investigate the types of plastic waste found there, and identify key interventions.

They have also trained an additional 120 people to carry out these investigations through waste and marine audits. A big factor in the volume of single-use plastics on the island has been tourism.

Tourism to the Greek Islands brings around 35 billion Euros to the economy! With that comes the huge population increase and the inevitable equal increase in waste. 

Unfortunately, much of this waste is single-use and ends up on the beaches and in the oceans!

A big part of solving this problem has been to get local businesses on board. The Clean Blue Paros initiative has now partnered with over 100 businesses on the island. They’re working to reduce or eliminate their use of single-use plastics. An amazing achievement!

Another initiative that has helped to reduce single-use plastics on the island is the transformation of the resident’s relationship with tap water. Through the comprehensive testing, installation of water filters, and incentives to use tap water, there has been a significant reduction in the use of bottled water. 

How Can I Get Involved?

As part of our collaboration with Common Seas and the Clean Blue Paros initiative, we have created an exclusive Huskup. With a purchase, you can help support them too!

Our special edition Clean Blue Paros huskup was designed by Marianna Goulandris. It supports our friends at Common Seas. The profits go towards the amazing work they are doing in Paros and around the world. 

Our Clean Blue Paros Huskup features a bold “eye” motif in beautiful ocean blues. An ancient symbol in the Mediterranean, the classic blue eye offers protection from evil and has long been associated with the Greek Islands. 

What better symbol to represent the protection the Clean Blue Paros project hopes to give to our beautiful seas?

You can get your own special edition Clean Blue Paros Huskup right here, and be a part of the journey to a single-use plastic-free world!


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