The HELPFUL Card: Shopping Made More Sustainable

You may have seen recently on our social media channels that we’ve partnered with HELPFUL Card. Although a debit card might not seem like the first thing we’d partner with, this is no ordinary card! Launched in June this year the HELPFUL platform brings sustainability into even more areas of daily life. 

Plastic Free Finances

Focused on sustainability, HELPFUL is first and foremost a digital debit card accessed through an app using contactless technology. This means they don’t automatically send you a physical plastic card. They made this choice because there are around 97 million plastic debit cards in circulation in the UK, none of which are recycled.

Instead, they end up in landfills where they take many lifetimes to break down into microplastics. As you can probably imagine this is contributing to our already massive plastic pollution problem. 

It is also probably an area of pollution most of us don’t think about. But how many credit, debit or store cards do you have in your purse or wallet? And what do you do with them when they reach the end of their life? Standard practice is to cut them up and put them in the bin.

HELPFUL have decided to do their part to change this by not automatically sending you a physical plastic card. However, if you do opt to have them send you one of their physical debit cards you’ll get one that’s made from recycled plastic. 

They are also the first debit cards that can be returned for recycling at the end of their life. Meaning you have another way to cut your single-use plastics waste. And, you get a nice reward in the shape of a cashback payment for doing so!

Planet Positive Shopping

However, limiting single-use plastics isn’t the only way they are supporting sustainability. 

HELPFUL also partner with sustainable businesses, just like us, to encourage customers to think about where they spend their money. With cashback on purchases made with these sustainable companies shopping sustainably suddenly becomes even more rewarding!

While you’re reaping the financial rewards of shopping with sustainable brands the planet is also benefitting. With every purchase made on the HELPFUL card, a tree is planted. 

That’s right, every single purchase equals another tree drawing carbon from the atmosphere! They also let you track the positive impact you’re having on the environment through their app. So, you can see the difference your choices are making to the world!

Did you know that here at Huskup we also plant trees as part of our commitment to the planet? 

On every order, we give you the opportunity to round up the total cost. With every 40p we raise through this offer we plant a new tree in the Huskup Forest. Not only that, but with every two Huskups bought through our website, we add another tree to the forest too! 

If you buy your Huskups with your HELPFUL card you’re making a big impact!

Sustainable Shopping Made Easy

With over 200 brands already in their sustainable retail directory including clothing, beauty, lifestyle brands and even online grocery stores getting those rewards is easy. 

We are in some great company in the HELPFUL directory with big brands like The Body Shop, Beyond Retro and Ocado already on board. New retailers are joining all the time meaning that making your Christmas shopping sustainable this year is going to be a whole lot easier. Whether that’s buying gifts or buying a feast every purchase means another tree planted and cashback in your pocket. 

You can find the full directory on the HELPFUL website and app as well as how much cashback you can earn when shopping with each retailer. If you use your HELPFUL card to shop on the Huskup website you can 10% cashback. Which is like getting paid to live, and gift, more sustainably, a win-win for you and the planet!

The HELPFUL mission is really one we here at Huskup can get behind. Meeting the demands of a net-zero future means we need to look at every single aspect of daily life. 

That of course includes the brands we choose to shop with. But, it also requires us to take a closer look at how we are making payments and, ask ourselves if we can do more to protect and give back to the environment while we spend.

We’re really excited about the work HELPFUL are doing and hope established credit and debit cards will follow the great example they’re setting. You can find out more about the HELPFUL card and how to apply over on their website


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