2021: The Year of Sustainable Christmas Gifts

This time of year the temptation to buy the latest gadgets, toys and shiny gift sets can be difficult to avoid. After all the push to consume to excess is all around us and has become somewhat of a tradition. But if we want to slow and eventually halt climate change we need to make new, more sustainable traditions.

After a lacklustre Christmas last year and much time spent away from friends and family we all hoping for a festive season like the ones we remember. And of course, it’s important that we can all find a bit of joy in the dark half of the year. But how can we do that while limiting our impact on the environment?

What Makes A Gift Sustainable?

We talk about sustainability and eco-friendly products a lot but knowing what to look for in a gift this time of year can sometimes be a bit tricky. Food and drink gifts aside, the biggest thing that makes a present sustainable is how much life it will get. How long will it last beyond the big day? Is it made of durable materials? Is it something that the recipient will get a lot of use out of? If the answer is no, it might be worth reconsidering your purchases. 

Another thing to look out for is of course the materials that any gift is made from. Checking they come from sustainable sources isn’t always straightforward but a little bit of time researching will be worth it. Limit things made of plastic and instead opt for things made of sustainably sourced woods, paper and other natural materials. These little changes can make a big difference to how long the gifts you give last and where they find themselves at the end of their life. 

Shopping as locally as possible can also make your Christmas gift-giving more environmentally friendly. Small businesses tend to have a smaller carbon footprint and items don’t have so far to travel to their recipients, cutting emissions.

Sustainable Holiday Gifts

Buying sustainable, eco-friendly presents is becoming easier every year, and many of them can make unique inexpensive gifts. Whatever you would normally buy a loved one, there is probably a sustainable version out there. 

If you don’t quite feel up to going full “eco” and handcrafting your gifts this year we’ve got some great ideas. From cool stocking stuffers to cute, inexpensive Christmas gifts, here are some of our favourites for 2021.

Zero Waste Stocking Stuffers

We’re all about limiting our waste here at Huskup and not just when it comes to single-use plastics, we love anything that can be reused! Like swapping out makeup remover wipes and disposable cotton wool pads for washable cloth wipes. Sew Last Summer has a great selection, all made from deadstock fabric and offcuts that would have otherwise gone to landfills. 

ReUseMe Cutlery

Our very own ReUseMe cutlery is also great for popping in a stocking, the set includes a knife, fork and spoon. They come in their own jute drawstring bag so they stay clean when you chuck them in your tote or backpack.

Cool Christmas Gifts For Men

It’s no secret that finding the right Christmas gifts for the men in our lives can be tricky. But there are some great sustainable gifts out there for your boyfriend, dad, brother or best mate. Peace With The Wild has some great plastic-free shaving kits, sustainable, beautiful and zero single-use plastic waste! 

If you have a Game Of Thrones fan in your life they will love the officially licensed Game Of Thrones Huskup. Featuring beautiful maps of both Westeros and Essos as well as the now-famous GOT logo, it’s the perfect inexpensive and sustainable gift.

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts For Friends

Festive gift-giving doesn’t have to cost the earth, both figuratively and literally. Some of the best presents you can give come from the heart, like a box of homemade cookies or a bottle of gin flavoured with foraged blackberries. If you don’t fancy spending time in the kitchen, or simply don’t have time, we’ve got you covered! 

Buying one of our cup bundles and splitting it between a few mates is a great way to give a fantastic sustainable gift while saving yourself a few quid.

Cool Things To Get Your Mum For Christmas

We all want to get our mum or mother-figure a good gift at Christmas. We often resort to the trusty gift set of bath or beauty products but these tend to include a lot of plastic waste. If you still want to give the main woman in your life a gift set there are some great sustainable ones out there. Green Tulip have some lovely ready-made ones full of sustainable items and in fully recyclable packaging!

If you want to give the gift set a miss this year why not gift one Mother to another with the new Mother Nature Huskup. Featuring the lady herself in all her earth-toned psychedelic glory, it’s sure to be a massive hit on the big day!

We hope these ideas can make your Christmas season a little more sustainable. But remember even small swaps this time of year can make a big difference to the amount of waste we send to landfills. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about making an effort every day to reduce our impact on the planet. And don’t forget to find a bit of joy this festive season!

Wishing you the happiest of holidays and a Happy (and sustainable) New Year from the whole team here at Huskup!


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