Businesses that are working to replace single-use disposables can open up new opportunities with huskup. By participating in the fight against climate change, you are showing your business’ values and building brand loyalty! It is a simple step that makes a big difference. 

A custom huskup is an asset that allows your good news story to travel far. From the boardroom, to staff and customers too. 

Join us, You'll be in good company

Sustainable Cutlery For Offices, Events and More

Customisable, reusable and practical. 


  • Create your very own custom huskup to spread your ethos far and wide
  • Help increase staff wellbeing and happiness, and therefore productivity and retention
  • Offer meaningful & purposeful lasting gift to staff, customers, visitors, delegates & associates
  • Open up incredible PR opportunities that are good for business and the planet.
  • Engage staff with the corporate sustainability goals
  • Reduce packaging and waste management costs.
eco friendly reusable coffee mugs that can be customised with a pink band stood in front of a tree that has beautiful pink blossoms


How much money could you be saving by switching from outdated single-use cups to reuse with huskup?  Take the Waste-o-meter test and find out right now.