Now is the time to show your customers you care. As more coffee shops, restaurants and catering businesses are moving away from single-use options, customers are too! 

With huskups, you can offer our range of “off-the-shelf” unique artist series. Or for a bigger impact, of the positive kind, you can create your own branded option. 

Our colourful designer huskups are a visual reminder to reduce waste and help consumers into good habits

Join us, You'll be in good company

Sustainable Cutlery For Offices, Events and More

Customisable, reusable and practical. 


  • Get your message out there and keep your  brand in your customer’s hand with custom huskups
  • Boost your green credentials and show your customers where your values lie.
  • Open up incredible PR opportunities that are good for business and the planet.
  • Prevent tonnes of waste from heading to landfill each year
  • Don’t look like every other coffee shop offering the same plastic cup – reuse naturally with huskup
  • Encourage reuse with discounts  for using reusables and surcharges for disposables


By encouraging customers to switch to reusable huskups, you can make a big difference. Check here to see how much waste and how much money can be diverted into a positive initiative.