We believe in healthy seas for all.

Common Seas is supporting the Greek island of Paros to become the first single-use plastic waste-free island in the Mediterranean and a global pioneer in the journey towards a plastic-free ocean.

What's It All About?

Clean Blue Paros is a living, breathing demonstration of system change in action, bringing together local government, businesses, communities and individuals to tackle plastic pollution at the source.

You can join the Common Seas crew too!

Support their work on Paros and keep our ocean free of plastic by using a plastic free, reusable Huskup. You can get hold of your Clean Blue Paros special edition cup using the link below.

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Common Seas are a group of scientists, researchers, policy experts and communicators who are on a mission to drastically reduce the amount of plastic produced and stop it from entering our ocean. Meet the team via their website here.

Huskup is showing our love for the planet, and the people on it by launching our Trees, Seas & Communities’ campaign.

Here we are featuring fantastic organisations that are changing the world – just like Common Seas. 

  • In year one, Common Seas applied their Plastic Drawdown model to increase understanding of plastic pollution and design effective interventions on the island.
  • Together with waste engineers and marine and social scientists, they developed an approach to investigate plastics, identify key interventions and measure impact over time.
  • They trained more than 50 people to investigate plastics through marine and waste audits; 750+ took part in our social audit last year.
  • The team on Paros continue to run a Clean Blue Business programme that provides tools support for business owners to phase out single use plastic.
Find out more via the Clean Blue Paros webpage, here