Make Huskup A Positive
For Your Business

Huskup can be a positive part of your business, whatever your sector. Whether you offer huskup as an eco retail choice, or you want to reduce your company’s waste and impact, or encourage engagement, huskup is a fantastic visual signpost of your sustainability goals and initiatives.

We have lots of experience in working across the sectors, and whether you’re a university, coffee shop, high street bank, contract caterer, event, retail, or any business we can all try to do our bit, by what we do or what we offer our customers. Our award winning eco-friendly reusable cups can help you spread your message – naturally.

Custom Everything

Brand The Band

why partner with huskup?

Huskups offer more than meets the eye! Click on your related industry below to find out more.

bisphenol A free



food grade

not plastic

no melamine

GMO free rice husk

from -30c to 120c

dishwasher safe

microwave safe

Sustainable Cutlery For Offices, Events and More

Customisable, reusable and practical. 


How much money does your business waste every  year whilst creating planet suffocating single use waste? Try our wastometer test and find out right now. Financial Directors better get behind the sofa now.

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